Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It is Tuesday evening. Tomorrow I am working at daycare all day, and then in the evening I am coordinating a play time for ridiculous, loud, mouthy boys ages 8-12 (I like them, I really do!). It may come as a great shock to most people, but I have a hard time speaking loud enough for very 20 million noisy kids to hear. And so, most Wednesday evenings I return home with a sore throat and a voice like Louis Armstrong. I am going to buy a whistle. A really loud piercing whistle. How did I get this job if I am not so great at leading really large groups you may ask? Well, it was offered to me out of desperation...how could I turn it down? It just creates a VERY long workday, that involves A LOT OF KIDS!! I find that I prefer the 3-5 age group better. Much less mouthy...they also usually refrain from using profanity and beating each other up. Kids these days...tsk tsk.

Anyway, my point to my original sentence, that tonight is Tuesday, was meant to infer that there are only 3 more days left to my work week...which means that the week is almost half over. Which means that....duh duh duh duuuuuuuuuuuh (aka drumroll)....there are only 4.5 days until my sister arrives. Excited Linds? Yeah, I thought so....Only 3 days of work left for you too, AND you are two hours ahead of me...Lucky. Bought any more snacks yet? Notice how I am trying to entice you into leaving me a comment by asking you questions? Yeah, I'm pretty smart.

The other day I bought myself The Village. It was on sale. It is a great movie...and just a LITTLE scary. Plus the music is great...and I like the main character Ivy. I'm not exactly sure why I am drawn to her character since she is far more bolder than I. I suppose it is my personal desire for bravery (which, according to Facebook I am sorely lacking).

I had to renew Mansfield Park at the Library today. I think my brain is turning into mush...and so quickly! I must keep it active, must! School is still two months away!

Well, my paragraphs are getting shorter, so I must be getting tired.


ha ha.


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