Sunday, July 06, 2008

My toe is healing very nicely. The pretty colours are fading, and the swelling has been greatly reduced. This is good. Especially since I do not have an office job. ha ha. I realized that at the moment, I am working five different jobs. I work at a daycare, I work at a childcare resource and referral office, I work at the Family Place, I coordinate a play time for kids 8-12, and I paint/stain whenever I have time off, which has not been as often these days. I have a calendar that has lots of times and places written on it to help me remember everything. It makes me feel very important. I especially enjoy carrying it around with me, and then when people ask if I am busy on a certain day, I can whip it out and pretend like I am a lawyer or something.

This weekend was rather un-relaxing, as I worked 12 hours on friday, and then most of saturday. Today was my rest day but I was so tired that it was hard to rest. If that makes any sense at all. I woke up still thought processing, because I didn't have time to get it out of the way before. That is an annoying way to be awoken. I'm sure this week will be better...and not so hectic.

I apologize if this blog appears to be my venting ground. I realize that I talk about work and painful appendages a lot. Unfortunately those two things are fairly prominent (and rather annoying) in my current life.

I will try to expound my thoughts in other areas of life:

*My dad is in Mexico building houses. I think that is pretty great.

*The weather is nice, I need to do laundry. These thoughts are connected because I have run out of clean shorts, which I need to wear because of the nice weather.

*My sister is coming for a visit.

*I am overwhelmed with a multitude of responsibilities.

*I am envying my childhood.

*Tomorrow is Monday. Already.

*I am searching for meaning. In relationships. In work. In school. In life. In God.

*I am finding joy in drinking tea and reading.

*I am thankful for grace and forgiveness.

*I like the Lion King. Lots and lots. It is just a great movie. It even has that whole Hamlet symbolic thing going on. Plus the whole African setting thing is a pretty big bonus.

*I am enjoying getting to know my coworkers.

*I need to pray more.

There, those are some thoughts that I have been mulling over this week.

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