Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Last night I had a horrible dream...I was in school, and I had just written a sociology paper for Dr. Hiebert and I had worked soooooo hard on it, and put so much thought and effort and passion into it. This paper was worth 30% of my grade, and when I received it back I had only been given 1 out of 30. In tears of shame and horror, I took my paper to my professor in a valiant attempt to get what I felt was a just grade...to my dismay, Dr. Hiebert refused to change my mark, and I failed the course. I woke up in tears. To be fair, Dr. Hiebert would never be this hard hearted, and so I am consoled knowing that it was all a bad dream. Whew! I guess I am starting to think about school again. In light of Evil Wednesday rapidly approaching in less than an hour, school work is starting to look pretty appealing. Just gotta get through tomorrow..."chug, chug" said the little engine that could...........(sorry, too much daycare!)

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