Thursday, July 03, 2008

A Lament to My Toe

Oh dear little toe, how I lament your bruisidness. Your function has been "sorely" missed in the past few hours. When I walk down the street I consider your swollen state, and sigh. When I chase children around, I cringe with teary eyes when their sandaled feet step on you. Oh toe, you are worthy of great affection, and I am realizing with dismay how you have been neglected in the past. I took you for granted. You are an asset to my body, and for that I humbly apologize for stubbing you repeatedly, and then allowing children of various shapes and sizes to step on you. How could I tell their smiling little faces to get off? They didn't know that you were being hurt....sigh. Oh toe, please get better soon. I need you more than you may realize.

1 comment:

Calley said...

Oh Jennie, leave it to you to write a letter to your toe. Your so funny.
I enjoyed your pretty scenery pictures to by the way.