Friday, November 20, 2009

I am going home for Christmas.

All the cheesy Christmas tunes about going home for the holidays have been tromping through my brain this week.

I'm excited for a number of reasons, but mostly because being with my family is like taking a step into this world of being. Just being. And really good coffee.


NOTE: Prepare yourself for the Christmas playlist. Coming soon to a blog near you (aka this one)

Wow, look at me perpetuating the cycle of Christmas consumerism.

Ho ho ho.

Things that are worth noting:
a.) Sufjan knows how to boogie.
b.) The White Stripes provide remarkably good bus music in my opinion. Something about their groove just fits the stopping and starting motion of the bus.
c.) I have a 75% chance of working in child welfare when I graduate.
d.) Self-care is a beautiful illusion that I cannot make a reality.
e.) To make myself feel better I have started creating goals that are achievable, such as waking up in the morning.


Janna said...

i love you jennie.

Calley said...

Jennie you never cease to make me laugh! I never thought you were the White Stripes type, but little did I know. I think that child welfare would be an excellent fit for you! I'm taking a child welfare class next semester because they didn't have any gerontology social work classes offered next semester. It might come in handy someday who knows? Were you able to accomplish that goal of yours? I'm glad your taking baby steps! Haha!

darrell and ray-ann said...

Mommie is working on your self care package!!! Eyes, teeth, and hair appts. plus food, food and food, warm house, cozy homework...hurry home.