Monday, November 09, 2009

Today is Monday

Currently Listening to: Stars "Undertow"
Current Perspective: Relatively content with the uncertainty.
Currently Reading: Little Women

Today I feel that there is so much to say, and I have such little ability to express myself.

Autumn always makes me think of the things that I am partial to.
-strawberry ice cream
-Markéta Irglová's artistic expressions
-+10 temperatures in mid-November
-My candles
-My blankets
-Going to bed early
-Going to the impaired driving unit knowing that I do not have to be there.
-goat cheese
-Lady Grey Tea
-Celebrating the 24 years of my roommate's life.


Jen said...

Hi Jennie :) My name is Jen--I found your blog because of several things we have in common. :) I enjoyed your list very much!
Did you seriously just say goat cheese? Oh my. Yes. :)

I enjoyed stopping by--may God bless your Tuesday with reminders of things you love and things you're thankful for too.

Jennie Miller said...

we have similar names in common too!

I'm glad to meet another appreciator of goat cheese.

Thanks for your encouraging words. Blessings on your day as well.