Monday, November 30, 2009

It is the last day of November which means many things:
1.I need to buy a new bus pass
2.I am ridiculously behind on my assignments
3.It is time to prepare for the Christmas season (hence the arrival of the Christmas music).
4. I get to open my chocolate advent calendar tomorrow
5. And...EGGNOG!


Katie Swan said...

Let's have an eggnog/Chrismtas music party?
Happy bus pass shopping. In my 1st year of university they had this bus pass theme...all these birds of Alberta. Or maybe the birds were the 2nd year, and the 1st year was the scenes of Alberta. They were pretty. I was always excited to buy my next bus pass and see what pretty picture was next! And it was always shiny and new and the edges were sharp and cornery...instead of dog eared and kinda bent outta shape.


darrell and ray-ann said...

16 sleeps til yur comin' home!!

Jennie Miller said...

16 chocolates to go. hee hee.

Katie, our bus pass theme is nature seasons. so november had these pretty leaves edged with frost. birds would be awesome though.

I love eggnogg christmas music parties. YES!

Katie Swan said...

I was scrolling through your Christmas music, and, I believe this is because I was born and raised on Home Alone, Carol of the Bells kinda creeps me out. But I love it anyway. Ha ha.

Jen said...

MMM...I think the eggnogg is my favorite part!