Friday, September 04, 2009

Apologies for this (and other things)

Get ready for it...Self-awareness at its most blatant is circling the air in thick fumes and settling across my shoulders with a shudder of severe exaggeration and melodramatics.

After indulging in vast amounts of peanut butter and chocolate chips, I have spent the evening remarking upon this past week.

PLEASE NOTE: I am currently unemployed and waiting for the Tuesday to occur so that I will have finished at least one day of this dreaded school year. I am not usually this bitter towards academics, and I actually have a great deal of fondness for the scholastic institution, I am just having a moment. Hopefully a brief one.

1. I am pretty surprised that I am studying to be a social worker.

2. I am utterly and completely bereft of finances due to my lazy and procrastinistic nature, which is causing havoc with my ability to pay for the aforementioned schooling. Today I received a white scrap of paper with an obscene amount of money that represents a mere quarter of this fall's tuition. Ouch. I cannot even buy those beautiful prismacolour pencil crayons that are just sitting there useless in the store waiting for some rich person to snatch them up and give them to their five year old godson who will drop them on the floor, thus breaking the fragile lead encased within. hurmph.

3. I am a pretty foul friend, when all is said and done. I will not weasel my way our of this one, but I take full ownership, and merely state that I am still learning and developing. Even though I have a brain capacity similar to a pubescent, my intentions are sometimes good.

4. I like simplicity. I hate clutter. I hate mess. I hate useless knick knacks that have no meaning for my existence. I do not consider my 9 potted plants as clutter. They have a use in that they provide me with oxygen. When you live with 8 other people, you loose your oxygen much faster.

5. I can walk twice as fast in the summer than I can in mid-winter. I timed it today. Probably due to the fact that winter includes 2 factors such as wind and snow pants, both which can slow one down.

6. I like this band: Taken by Trees

Apologies for the sardonic nature of this post. It has been a long week.

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darrell and ray-ann said...

Love you Jennie. You are pretty wonderful in my estimation. Life does have a way of humbling us though doesn't it?