Friday, September 25, 2009

It's all about perspective

It is Friday at last, and I have a very exciting weekend planned. As opposed to my far less fortunate classmates, who are planning to go to Bird's Hill Park (not that great, i've been there), and Flin Flon (I mean, really?!) going out for coffee with friends (can you say 'typical?') and watching movies (its sad, actually). I am going to be at home, packing like a maniac. I am expecting that it will be a truly memorable weekend, filled with dust bunnies, and boxes of textbooks that weigh 5 million pounds. I will be gaining coveted muscle mass, as I lift those 5 million pound boxes. The anticipation is filling me with the jitters and the shakes (oh, wait, that is just the caffiene, or the fear of my own awesomness). At any rate, I am sure that this will be a two-day experience of a lifetime.

P.S. If you would like advice on a "cool" way to spend your weekend, I am accepting monetary offers of $50 and up for free personal advice. Hint: My advice will most likely include catching up on late homework assignments, listening to Beyonce while dancing on one's bed singing into your hairbrush ("...all the single ladies!"), or drinking vats of coffee to increase the feeling of invincibilty, reading about the conservative perspective on social welfare (the entertainment factor is mind blowing, oy!). There are endless possibilities all located within my little brain...sign up today (I accept cash and back massages).


darrell said...

You go girl!

Lindsay said...

this is hilarious.

Katie Swan said...

Oh roommate, you are fiesty.
Ha ha ha.

Kim said...

I want you to give me advice! Except I have not you accept favors....?
Did you really dance to Beyonce and sign into your hair brush? That is amazing!