Saturday, September 26, 2009

A lot of moving

A lot of moving indeed. In fact, I have accomplished approximately 1/16th of the packing/cleaning on my to-do list. It has been a productive day to be sure.

Today is free day. Free day is a day when people can put stuff they don't want on their front lawns and people can come and take what they want. It was a very exciting event in our household. We are very dedicated to recycling household items, and we ran around the house looking for items to place outside, and then we peeked out through the curtains at the flocks of people who gathered to paw through our stuff and remark at the amazing items that house #753 was giving away. We were so popular, that people were calling their friends on their cell phones and urging them to make the journey to our little pile. Our popularity was likely due to the variety of valuable items which included pepto bismal, a fish tank with genuine fish sludge, and a cassette tape of "A Bug's Life."

I gave away an old winter jacket that I bought for my first winter in Manitoba. It is bright green with white, pink and black stripes. I watched as a very stylish young gentleman with cool shorts picked up my jacket, tried it on, pondered the implications, and walked away with his stellar find. I should have left my phone number in the pocket. Oh hindsight.

I have been blessed in my life to have lived in the same place for 16 years of my life, and moving efficiently has never been a learned skill of mine. It is a painful process of discovering priorities, in order to avoid repetitive labouring.

I am avoiding tackling my bedroom. It is my sanctuary. My refuge of peace, that if tainted and boxed up, will destroy the last shreds of my sanity. I guess it was overdo to be shredded anyway. Here's to shredding...and sleeping (If my over caffeinated body will allow it).

Goodnight all! I hope you are enjoying your weekend as much as I am enjoying mine.


Matthew said...

Ah, Jennie, I love your sense of humour. It warms my heart:) Oh, and I hope the moving goes well. Sorry I'm not there to help you lift all those 5 million pound boxes. Ah, I'd probably strain my back, anyway.

Katie Swan said...

hmm...i already told you my

supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (sp?)

Thanks again for making me watch this movie. I knew some of the songs before, but I enjoyed them in the movie.

Calley said...

Jennie you are hilarious! Gosh if I knew you had pepto bismal on your front lawn I would have been there in a jiffy. Haha! Just kidding of course. I actually remember you wearing the jacket that you mentioned. Where are you moving to? Back to BC?

Jennie Miller said...

The pepto bismal is still here, Calley! no one wanted it for some you should come and get it! I am moving to another location in Winnipeg.

Thanks, Matt...your back would have been very welcomed, but I think we will make it. Or not. but it will be a good story regardless.

Kim said...

Lol....That is my pepto bismal??? That is so funny! I am sorry I left that with you guys... :)
I am so sorry you guys have to move all those things....not to mention those five million text-books are half mine :). How are your muscles, bulging and huge I guess you needed to develop your muscles more than me anyways (oooooo cheap shot!). It is a great idea to have free-things in the front of the house. Anyways let me know how the rest of the move goes....and Jennie, your sanctuary is really within your room is just an external representation of that :). Well...or something profound like that. But I do know how you feel
Love you tons

Janna said...

you make me smile, jennie. well, as much as you may dislike moving, i can't say i am sorry about the current moving plans :) but that is purely selfish. give me a call if you need help/escape.