Monday, September 21, 2009


My life is a crazy mesh of events that seem to follow and overlap one another in odd succession.

My busy week largely consisted of a three day course entitled: "Fundamentals of Addictions" during which I sat next to the least sensitive person I have ever met, whose goal was to counsel celebrities who have addictions. She said quite seriously, "I think it will be very busy work." She had a litany of defensive statements regarding the death of Michael Jackson who didn't die of an overdose, but from an "overworked heart." At one point during this three day session, one of the attendees left the room in tears and when she returned to her seat, this person lacking-in-sensitivity leaned over and remarked, "I'm so stressed. I don't know how I'm going to get through this." As my great-aunt Annie would say, she was a very "odd duck."

I also attended a few classes this week, wrote two papers, worked two shifts at the library, and cried on the phone to my mommy.

However, the weekend consisted of such delightful things that as hard as I try, that scared feeling that the world is crashing down refused to linger.

On Friday, Janna and I played a rousing game of scrabble. Janna is brilliant. She gave me pointers and I still lost by 200 points. I suck at scrabble.

On Saturday, Katie and I went to Farm Fest, a delightful invention of music, food sunshine, and dancing, all on the premises of a Manitoban farm. The dancing was rather difficult, as I had a very full bladder, and being the odd one that I am, I have a strict aversion to porta-potties. I ended up using the two-hole out-house instead. Which is rather difficult in the dark. I almost missed the hole and was almost interrupted by some guy who wanted to show off the aesthetic delights of the tile and grouting in the outhouse to some girls. I missed this particular element of beauty, as it was pitch black and the overpowering smell was a little, well... overpowering.

Yesterday, Katie and I made Pizza.

It was a hard week that ended well.

Oh, and did I mention that I am moving in 8 days? Crazy. I feel crazy.

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Janna said...

thanks for bragging about me. but just for the record, if the game was more about vocabulary or actual writing skill, i have no bit of doubt that you would have put me to shame.