Monday, February 15, 2010

1.) Here is a link to listen to the WHOLE Ben Sollee and Daniel Martin Moore album that is coming out tomorrow: Dear Companion. I am currently partial to "Only a Song" and "Try".

2.) I'm writing a paper today on the negative effects that technology (i.e. internet, video games, tv) can have on the family unit. 3000 words to go!

3.) I went to a Chinese New Year party yesterday. It is the year of the Tiger (MY year) hee hee. Roar. Growl?

4.) Two of my plants have officially passed away due to the liberal amounts of dish soup that I poured on them. And I still have fruit flies. Go figure. I hear wine is a tempting potion of death (for the flies) but I am fresh out.

5.) I love sunny days.

6.) I am reading "Never Cry Wolf" by Farley Mowat, and I LOVE it. What art! Truly an example of how science and art and humour can be friends. I remember watching the movie in grade 4, and my teacher was worried about showing the part when Farley jumped off the cliff naked. I liked the part when he ate rats. Did you know Farley has 6 honourary doctorates?

7.) I am going to go and drink tea now.


Ray-Ann said...

My day is gray with clouds and drizzle but you just made it sunny!

matt said...

There are rumours of chocolate cookies that have been stirring in these parts...

Also, I'm pretty sure fruit flies feed on wine just like they feed on, well, fruit. And when I say 'pretty sure' I mean, 'yes, they do'. Have you tried verbally debasing them? Sometimes words actually hurt more than sticks and stones...and dish soap, apparently.

Jennie said...

Yes Matt! chocolate chip cookies will be waiting for your arrival...I heard you had a craving :)

I haven't tried verbally debasing the flies (I love that word, by the way) but I do squash them on occasion. Seems to work momentarily...but I was hoping for a more humane method. I personally wouldn't mind dying in a dish of wine.