Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The hump. Wednesday. The week is half over. Thank you Lord. Next week is reading break. I don't really have a break. I still have to go to practicum and work an extra shift, and write a few papers, and go to a group meeting. But I like to think that it will be a break, if only theoretically.

My roommate is leaving. Yup. Packing up and moving to China in two weeks. I'm sad she is leaving, but happy she is going to have an adventure.

I want an adventure.

I found out yesterday that I won some award at school. I get $500 to spend on "professional resources" which includes books! I get to go on Amazon and buy $500 worth of books. Crazy! I don't suppose poetry would be included as a professional resource.


Lindsay said...

literary therapy?

Daniel said...

which roommate?

Jennie said...

dearest larisa is teaching english for 4 months.