Thursday, February 18, 2010

I just had to look at my clock three times before it registered in my Occipital Lobe that it is already 9:00. I haven't even started working on my to-do list for the evening!

Today one of my clients gave me a hug. That's right. A hug. I consider this a noteworthy day.

My reading break is coming to an end, and I must say I am thankful. Too much reading and typing makes Jennie's head hurt and her bottom sore.

I offered to give my professor cookies for not taking any late marks off my paper. Here is his response: "Bribery will get you everywhere...Just Kidding." Maybe I should try money next time.

Some of Jennie's Favourite Songs of the week (so far):

10. "You Silly Git" - Dan Mangan
09. "Waiting by the Fence" - Forest City Lovers
08. "Of Winnipeg" - Eisenhauer
07. "Sleeping City" - Parlour Steps
06. "Up and Down" - The Mountains and the Trees
05. "Gimme Sympathy" - Metric
04. "Northernmost Eva Maria" - Leif Vollebekk
03. "New Goodbye" - Hey Rosetta
02. "Train of Thought" - Mother Mother
and...wait for favouritest one:
01. "Buffalo" - Kathleen Edwards

Any particular songs keeping your feet a'walking and your mind a'thinking this week?

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Sasha said...

aw, hugs are wonderfully afirmative. I suppose on this side ofthe world it is Anne's Hanukkah song which has kept us going.