Monday, February 08, 2010

Happy Monday

I got a book of poetry by Jean Vanier called "Tears of Silence." I know. It sounds horribly depressing, and I suppose that is the appeal. Human connection through suffering and emergence of hope.

The whole book is one prolonged poem...all of which I loved...but here is one particular portion of greatness:

"He who is
or has been
deeply hurt

has a RIGHT
to be sure
he is

I would change the "he" to include women as well. And I would add my belief that everyone experiences hurt to some measure in their life...which leads to the poem's profundity. Through its simplicity, it expresses an essential reality. The power of healing in our lives comes through relationships with one another. We look to each other for support, hope. When we feel unloved, rejected, discouraged, unworthy, and we don't have anyone to turn to, we turn to other things to fulfill our needs...A lady came the other day who disclosed her distress at her recent break up with her partner and said that she couldn't handle life by herself anymore. Yes. This makes sense. We can't handle life by ourselves. We need each other. We need God. We need hope.

"I need to talk
and walk
with another

I need to express myself
say things.....

this is a movement of life
life that is in me
and needs to flow out.....

I must speak.....and dance
sharing things that I love and hate
my hopes, my joys, my fears, my griefs....
giving myself
giving my life
giving life."

Look! Another free download! Aren't you glad you stuck around?
Josh Ritter's new album is arriving in May...This song is called "Change of Time"

"Its hard sometimes to know exactly what you feel." Eisenhauer


Calley said...

I love this Jennie!

Katie Swan said...

That Eisenhauer sure knows how to put them words together in rows and whatnot! lol.

Here is a quote I thought of as I read your post:

"An injured man would heal in time, and his pain would gradually diminish and ultimately disappear, because injury was a part of the human condition. A man was born to be hurt from time to time, and the mechanism for recovery was born with him."