Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Tale of Woes

I'm sick.
I fought in vain, and eventually succumbed to a virus of death. Blech is how I feel.

It is sunny outside, but I am not fooled by its tempting blindness. Last night I left work a couple of hours early, intending on going right to bed to rest my poor, sick body. Unfortunately my house key would not work. At all. I tried everything. I pulled the door towards me. I tried all of my keys, just in case my delirium was making it difficult to see clearly. I even made small, whimpering noises. This did nothing to help my cause. In defeat, with arms laden with library books and fingers frozen from fumbling with the doorknob, I turned around and walked to McDonalds. This is where I waited for an hour with my head plastered to the table before my roommate finished work and picked me up. She apparently has keys that are far more advanced than mine, or is merely more advanced than I at opening doors.

My beloved roommate is en route to China today. The room is empty without her in it.
You should check out her traveling thoughts HERE.

Jennie's word of the day:
Bereft-lacking something needed, wanted or expected

I could really use a lozenge.

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