Wednesday, May 28, 2008

another humbling experience...or two

This afternoon, after I got home, I discovered that I did not get the job at the advocacy centre. oh frumph. it was going to look so great on my resume. And I was going to help people. And be an advocate. A voice for the voiceless. This news did not come as a complete shock, as I was aware that I did not perform particularly well during my interview. They probably figured that if I was having trouble talking, let alone breathing during a simple interview, I would likely struggle with supporting someone through a crisis. However, they were kind and told me that they had a large number of "highly qualified applicants" and it was a "difficult decision to make" and they "enjoyed meeting me." And so. Onto the next one. Meanwhile, the summer is dwindling by, and I feel as though I haven't accomplished much (aka earned money).

I did finally purchase a library card. I had to save my pennies, as it cost a whole $30!! Apparently college students do not get very many advantages, particularly if they attend school out of the province. The selection at the library is minimal. Quite pitiful, really. But that's ok. I will just anticipate my upcoming ventures to the grand library in Winnipeg. I will go, and drink in the sight of all those books, and not have a clue where to begin looking. Perhaps a small library is a blessing, because I will actually be able to make a decision of what books to read slightly faster than I would if there were several floors of books to choose from.

Yes. I had another humbling moment. This one involved me attempting to do physical exercise. I went to the gym yesterday with my mom. She was showing me some of the exercises that she has been doing. There was this one where you kinda hold yourself in the plank position, while squeezing your bum muscles to keep yourself suspended for 2 minutes!!! Needless to say, it was difficult. Around the 1.5 minute mark, I found my body was beginning to shake, and I expressed to my mother my doubts that I would last for the full 2 minutes. At that point, a young, very fit boy who had been glancing over occasionally, informed me to tighten my bum muscles more. To which I responded in great angst, "I'm tightening, I'm tightening." Inside I was thinking, "Wow, I can't believe this kid just told me to tighten my bum muscles." Hence, the uprising of the most intense desire to collapse into insane laughter. Needless to say, I did not last the full 2 minutes.

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