Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Experiencing God

I have been reading Brian McLaren's book Finding Faith and he talks a little about the different ways of experiencing God, and so I have been wondering when it is that I feel closest to God. I have made a list.
1. When I am walking and listening to music. Something about the rhythm and movement and connecting in a deeper way with what I am listening to and realizing how it is impacting me, and thinking thoughts and processing.
2. Reading poetry is a spiritual experience for me.
3. Working in the garden. For some reason, I have always preferred the cultivation part of gardening more than the planting. Making things look happy and trimmed and watered is very joyous.
4. Having conversations with people when you are able to understand how the other is feeling.
5. Being alone in my house and turning up the music REALLY loud and dancing like a crazy woman. Hee hee.
6. Crying, oh crying.
7. Receiving is so nice.
8. When you get to know a kid well enough that they feel safe with you and SNUGGLE...such a great feeling.
9. There is more, but I forget.

On another note...I had a moment of frustration yesterday...I have always been aware that I perhaps do not necessarily look my age, but do I really look so young, that the five people behind the counter would think that I was not capable of ordering a chicken? I waited for someone to assist me for about 7 minutes, and then this lady and her cart appear beside me and within seconds someone is there asking her what she would like. I know I need to become more pushy. Or maybe I just need to invest in some pearls, a neck kerchief and bright red lipstick.


Calley said...

I think it would be pretty funny to see you wearing pearls, a neck kerchief and bright red lipstick while ordering chicken! I would pay to see that. You are too funny Jennie! I liked reading about the ways that you connect with God. Nature sure does it for me. I loved seeing those gargantuan mountains in BC. I learn so much about him through is amazing creations. Oh I was going to ask you is your sister's last name Harrison? I read an article about Lindsey Harrison and she looks like you and I think it is your sister, but I could be wrong.
Take care Jennie!

Jennie Miller said...

hey calley-roo!! I can dress up for you and order a chicken, cause really, I need the cash...I would do pretty much anything. Yes, nature is AMAZING! I'm glad you got to experience the mountains, even if you didn't come and visit me. Guilt, guilt. Yeah, my sister's name is Lindsay Harris (that is her married name), and there was an article in the Eye Witness about her (I'm so proud, hee hee).

Michael said...

So you think looking like a fifties housewife is going to get you chicken?

Calley said...

The Eye Witness, that's exactly where I read the article.

Jennie Miller said...

yes I think if I looked like a fifties housewife I would get chicken...Much faster anyway. Although fitting into that particular female stereotype would make me slightly uncomfy (as my many skills are not limited to the household) I think I would prefer to look like a nice, elderly soul who really likes her chicken fast and people can tell, just by looking at her...:)