Friday, May 16, 2008

The sun is shining and it is warm! I am so thankful.

Well, despite losing a well-paying, extremely convenient job, my summer is not looking entirely dismal...just rather money-less. I have applied for a job at the Advocacy Centre working with people who are experiencing hardships such as poverty and abuse. There is also a job at the public library for a college student to coordinate a storytelling time for kids up to 12. The other available jobs are all rather uninteresting, underpaid, and not exactly in my field of interest (although I recognize I am not exactly in a position to be picky!). There is a job at the bus depot, and at the Nutrition House (I thought I might like that one, except they are looking for someone who has experience in herbal healing, and mine is rather limited). I have also applied once again to work at the daycare until I find a full time job...yikes.

I thought I should post some grad pictures and celebrate the completed ventures in my life. Hence...

Oh silly dad forgot to open his mouth.


Most brilliant family minus two.

we are the same height. almost.

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